29 weeks and a 3D scan

I’m in the third trimester yes!!!! I’ve been anticipating this appointment for months. I’m sure mom and dad to be have as well. IM flew into town Sunday afternoon and stayed at my place since daddy to be was out of the country on business. Who needs a hotel? It was sooooo nice to have her here. We got to spend two days together just talking and chatting about everything. She got to feel her babies move around a bunch and kick which absolutely blew her mind. She said she had never felt anything like it before so I was SO glad she got to feel them kicking. The appt went amazingly well. The 3D images she got to take home were perfect and the DVD was even better. The little boy was sleeping the whole time so it was easy to get pics of him. Little girl was just amazing to watch. She would yawn and gulp and smiled a few times, and even opened her eyes towards the end!! It was incredible to watch. So even though M couldn’t be here for the appt he will get to see exactly what we saw on the DVD that D took home with her. The babies are healthy and look great. Little boy is above average coming in at around 3lb 5oz already (BIG boy) and sister is more average at 2lb 7oz. My belly measures as though I am 37 weeks pregnant! In other words I’m the size of a full term pregnant woman. And I’ve got 8 weeks of growing ahead still!
Doc said it am doing great as well, that I had a weight growth spurt but the babies are also growing fast. He isn’t concerned at all. I’ve gained 35lbs so far and he said 40-50 is common, but since I lost it all with my kids he thinks I will be fine. He also made sure I hadn’t begun to dilate or anything which I haven’t. Another good sign!
So now I am to come in every week and in two weeks I start going in twice a week until they are born. Lots and lots of appts from here on out.
So I’ve been anxious about whether baby girl had flipped to a head down position since baby boy was. Come to find out she has indeed turned to be head down but now baby boy is transverse (meaning sideways). His head is just to the right of my belly button and butt legs and feet towards my left side. Doc said he will have to make up his mind in the next two weeks or so because as he grows he will get too uncomfortable in his current spot. So if he flips the right way we get to try for a normal delivery, otherwise it’s a c section for me. We will find out in two weeks!
How about some pictures?!
Here is little boy wit his legs in the diaper changing position.

His little feet and sisters fist:

Baby girl about to flash us a smile:

Baby boy:

And baby girl again:

And finally my best drawing of how they are positioned in my stomach as of right now:

And one shot of how big we are all getting:

Here’s to a good report next Monday!!


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The results are in….

Let me just say it’s not been fun waiting for these results. I’ve gone back and forth on how I’d have to re modify my (lack of) diet and how I was going to do so. I mean, how was I supposed to give up Easter candy?! And my entirely way too long list of delicious sweet breakfast foods I just can’t live without? I mean, not only is it the most important meal of the day but it’s by far my favorite! Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t load up on the sweet breakfasts and candy all day, but who doesn’t indulge every so often when they are pregnant?
Just having to go in for the three hour test according to my “informed” parents meant to them that I am indeed diabetic and refused to let me eat any dessert or snack like food at all when I was around them. They kind of take things to the extreme. So that only put me in a mood to want to strangle them and gorge on their variety of sweets they have in their house. I barely have self control how on earth am I supposed to do this every day until the babies are born??
The bright side would of course be that I will obviously be eating healthier and surely it would slow down my weight gain which is exactly what I do want. I mean, I know I’m carrying two, but to me the increase in the ol LB department sure seems to be climbing faster then I’m comfortable with.
Ok ok, have I worried enough yet? The call from my dr comes right at naptime. It’s the MA. “You’re blood work came back completely normal, you are fine.” Hallelujah, hallelujah! I worried for nothing! Ha! I know I’m pretty darn lucky since the risk is greater with twins. Even luckier that this is just another hurdle I jumped right over. M and D are relieved as well. M is flying out here a week from tomorrow and we both are so excited and can’t wait!!
So now that I am officially not a diabetic, let the Easter candy flow! In moderation though!
I will do some stat updates here too since it’s been a while.

Gestation: 27 weeks and a handful of days. I’ve lost precise count at this point.
Weight up: 29lbs. Damn chocolate candy.
Symptoms: back aches, big time leg cramps, lots of Braxton hicks contractions.
Cravings: fruit, chocolate, Mongolian BBQ which doesn’t exist near me.
Aversions: hamburger meat
Mood: mostly happy with sleepiness thrown in there.
Maternity wear: yeah. Most maternity clothes no longer cover my belly. I think part of it has to do with that I’m not 5 foot 5 so since I’m so much taller, getting anything to cover me is hard and now even maternity shirts are a part of the issue. And I’m the size of a full term pregnant woman. Oh and I still have two and a half months to go. Shopping for shirts/dresses has become a nightmare.
Where’s a local tall clothing shop when you need one?! Ah the joys of being a female version of Andre the giant.

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Completely non Surro related..

I couldn’t help but post about my attempt at making a snack the other day. This specific snack recipe came from the notorious Pinterest. Yes I am a Pinterest ADDICT. And I must say I’ve Been able to make some crafts and edible foods from this site that completely consumes me at times. One such recipe I failed miserably at was the home made fruit roll up. I have wanted to try this for so long. It only took fresh strawberries and sugar! And finally the berries went on a mega sale at the store so I could buy a bunch.
It seemed easy enough. Purée berries. Add sugar. Spread onto parchment paper lined baking sheet. Bake at 170 until it’s no longer sticky. Ok this part was deceiving. Or my oven just sucks. A few recipes said for about 4hrs and others said 6-8hrs. Well at 4, my purée was still soupy. Everywhere. At 8hrs the ends were starting to dry like they were supposed to. By ten hrs most of it was finally just sticky. So I left it in the oven for a tad longer to make it less sticky to touch. Then left it out overnight (which directions say to do). By morning it was like overly cooked crispy bacon. It smelled great but didn’t come off the parchment, and crumbled everywhere. What. The. Hell. I was not happy. So much for the fruit roll up. I’m too cheap to buy a dehydrator. I had to at least try a piece to see what it tasted like. Except I couldn’t get any off the parchment. So I just licked it a few times. Sad I know. Not sure if I need an ok to post the links I used on Pinterest so I won’t post them yet but I failed TERRIBLY.
So here is a pic of how pretty it looked when it first went into the oven.


And why not show a belly pic as well? Beginning the 27th week! Oh and a hair cut :).


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The potential big D word

Diabeetus. Ha I couldn’t help myself. Anytime I see or hear the word diabetes I think of that one commercial. So I had my one hour glucose test last week? Maybe a week and a half ago and the MA called me last Tuesday to inform me lightly that I had failed. Yes FAILED. I was like um, really? I’ve never failed the one hour. Not that it’s like a written test that I’ve taken before. But I’ve never had any problems with blood sugar or anything related. So it sort of came as a shock to me. Oh well. She told me to come in anytime for the three hour. As early as I could since I would have to fast from midnight on.
So into the office is strolled this morning at 8am sharp with a pillow, my comfy pants and tablet to keep me company.
Except that I wasn’t allowed to use the wifi. Bah! So much for the tablet. So I got poked when I first arrived then had to immediately drink that wonderful glucose juice and then get poked once every hour after that three more times. I finally left about 11:15, feeling odd. Not so hungry anymore but definitely in need of something. They wouldn’t even let me drink water!
All day I’ve been kind of woozy. Just not feeling right. I slept during the kids naps. Had some dinner and yet still not myself. I just hope I’m not coming down with something. Yuck.
So I hope I find out soon if I’ve passed this one or not. I hear the diabetic diet is super strict but I’ve also heard it’s not as bad as people say. I suppose I’ll find out if my test comes back bad!
In the meantime these twins are growing! My back has been hurting more and my stomach feels more stretched then ever. Almost like it wants to rip down the center or sketching. I hope my hernia isn’t getting worse.
Only two weeks from today and mommy to be will be here to see these babies of hers! I CANT WAIT for that.
Meanwhile, I’ll update when I hear the results of this here diabeetus test!!

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25 weeks and a glucose test!

This week was the ever popular glucose test at the doctor! Nothing quite like drinking extra sugary “orange” flavored “juice” that tastes like flat orange soda for breakfast! I am still waiting on results but I feel pretty confident that I’m not diabetic.
My belly measured in at 34 weeks and I’m only 25!! Haha. I wonder how much room I have left to grow? Otherwise everything is fine so far. I’ve gained a total of 25lbs at this point which freaks me out but it’s normal. I know I need more water. I was so good drinking water when I was pregnant with my son and for some reason my mouth refuses to allow water in! I’m kind of obsessed with root beer right now. I mean how can you not? It’s soooo good and has that hint of vanilla and it’s caffeine free too!! Luckily the force of this delicious bubbly beverage hasn’t completely taken over my thoughts and I still manage to get some water down. Now it’s time to get serious with it though. Dread.
The belly now, being the size of an 8 1/2 month pregnant belly, is officially getting in the way and getting pretty itchy! No stretch marks though (yet) and these babies can really move in there now! I’ve sent a few videos of them kicking like crazy to mommy and daddy. They seem pretty strong and from the check up sound healthy!
So I got this idea a few weeks ago to try waxing. Yes waxing. I’ll let everyone guess as to where. Since the belly has now hidden my view of anything south of my belly button, should I try to “landscape” I usually come out looking like I’ve been in a butcher knife fight. So I thought, why not see if I can handle a waxing? If so, I’ll just rely on that and what a life saver it will be once delivery is upon us! I read (and heard) that waxing while preggo can be kind of painful since things are more sensitive etc etc. I didn’t care. It can’t be worse then childbirth and having stitches down there right? Well I won’t go into detail during the visit, but only one spot really actually made me “oooooo” out loud and the rest was pretty easy! Verdict? I shall never shave again. I’m a total waxing fan now for sure. What’s a tiny bit of pain (which came on that one spot for a few days following the waxing itself) compared to having to constantly shave ALL THE TIME? Totally worth it. I attempted convincing my BFF to try it since she is pregnant too but I don’t think she ever will. Plus she said she has a low pain tolerance so my feeble attempt failed. Oh well! It’s been like three and half weeks and I can’t believe how long it’s lasting!
Well now it’s barely into march and it’s consistently in the 80s which means allergy season is deadly right now. I’ve got allergies so bad right now that I’m a wheezy, sneezing, itching mess. I HATE AZ. bah!
Enough of my complaining about the weather, mommy to be is coming to stay with me for the 3D ultrasound on the 31st! Only three weeks away and we are both super excited to see each other and I can’t wait for her to feel her babies kick!!



Gestation: 25 weeks
Weight: up 25lbs
Symptoms: itchy belly, itchy boobs, back aches, constipation.
Cravings: fruit of any kind, root beer, home made applesauce
Aversions: hahaha!!!

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23 weeks feels like 30…

Not a whole lot to report on the pregnancy front. It’s been a few weeks since I last posted so I thought I’d put up a pic for amusement. The kicking has very much increased in feeling and I can now see the movement from the outside. They are already fighting for room in there and boy do I feel it! At the last check up with my reg OB, I was still breech with baby B, little miss. The difference now is, someone made a mistake when tagging them as A and B. We found out that B is really the one “presenting” or closest to the exit. So even though she should be A, they are just saying she is the one presenting. So now the race is on to hope and pray she turns before there is no more room or it’s operation central for me! And I have no way of really telling or knowing if she has yet or not. My next appt is march 6th and it’s my glucose test, bleh. No ultrasound at that appt though so I won’t know until I’m 28 weeks along.
I’ve got this nasty “orange flavored” drink ready for the appt. For those who haven’t had a taste of this “drink”, I imagine it’s like drinking high fructose corn syrup by itself. It’s so over sweet and disgusting! And you have to drink it an hour before they draw your blood to test for gestational diabetes. Not quite sure how the test works if you drink something purposely that sweet then have your blood tested but bottoms up right? So much for the morning decaf on the way to the appt.
Braxton hicks have been few and far between luckily and I don’t know how I’ve managed to pull that off, I told myself I would drink more water and I’ve kind of been slacking. I did come down with a terrible respiratory issue again though a few days ago. It started with a head cold (compliments of my kiddos), and by the next day had completely moved itself into my lungs. I have been coughing, hacking and wheezing ever since. I feel fine at this point, but my lungs disagree. To the point that I’ve been sleeping propped up on a total of 6 pillows to help me breathe at night. (Sorry hubby, I know the bed is only so big)!
So here’s a pic from today as I round out more like a beach ball now rather then a volley ball!


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The level 2 ultrasound

I had my level 2 u/s yesterday since I’m now 20 weeks. Which seems odd to me because I for some reason thought I was going into 21 weeks. Oh well I guess! The tech measured everything. Bones in their arms and legs, blood flow through their heart chambers, through the renal systems and into their umbilical cords. It sure was cool. She also checked the ventricles and spacing in their brains. It was quite the scan. In the beginning, the little boy was so energetic that she had a hard time getting some measurements! But everything checked out completely normal on both. Baby girl measured 19w5d and baby boy was 20w2d.
We just returned from our first family vacation at Disneyland so it was nice to see the babies healthy since I felt so exhausted! I have my usual 20 wk anatomy scan next week with my reg doctor and I am not looking forward to the weigh in. I didn’t eat get healthy while in Cali and my weight is proof. So I have to really he careful with y food now and hopefully I don’t gain more between now and then!
So ill do the official stats next week. Until then here are a few cute pics we got from yesterday’s appt!







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