7 wks post partum. Did I really deliver twins?

I have to remind myself on occasion that I did indeed deliver them 7 weeks ago. I don’t feel like I ever had a c section! My scar is tiny and doesn’t hurt. No left over pains either. I do however get a smack back into reality when I look in the mirror and see my lazy stomach muscles. Definitely gotta do something about that. I had to reschedule my check up for next week since Aunt Flo decided she was ready to make an unwelcome comeback. I will be going to the gym after I get official clearance from the doctor and I have already started some light ab exercises. I’ve also been trying the It Works wraps, but I have yet to see any actual results. The pictures I’ve seen online are deceiving so far, and therefore a little depressing. Maybe they will work more once I start my exercising as well.
As for the twins, they are just beautiful. They had a scare on the 4th of July weekend when Little prince stopped eating and couldn’t keep anything down. Turns out he needed surgery to correct the valve in his stomach. It had overgrown. It happens around the 5 week old mark on infants and is a fairly easy surgery to correct, but scary since they go downhill so fast. He did wonderfully though, and has been eating fine now. Little princess is just perfect as well. I got to chat with proud mommy on Monday, and boy does she indeed sound proud. Very tired though!! I can’t imagine how they do it with both, but they are so happy, I can tell and it just lights me up every time I see a picture, read a text, or hear her voice. I’m just so indescribably happy for them.
Now that summer is halfway over, (not the weather) I’ve had my princess in swim lessons and gymnastics to help the long weeks go by until school starts again.
We are going back up north soon, but this time hubby is coming too! We will also be making a trip to see his aunt, which we are so excited to do. It will be nice to get out of the 110 degree heat.
In the near future my focus will be on getting rid of the rest of this baby weight in the next few months, making me a happy camper!

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4 weeks post partum feels like 4 months!

Wow I’m a month out now how crazy!!! I feel so good sometimes I have to remind myself I still can’t lift anything heavy yet. Well, I could, but I am tryin not to until I get the ok from doc. It’s hard to believe the twins are 4 weeks old already! I spoke with D (mommy) on the phone two days ago and it made my week. I loved hearing from her. They are giddy exhausted, but are so in love with their babies and it was so amazing to just listen to her talk about them. Every time I hear from her or get a text I am reminded of how glad I am that I did this. Not that I ever doubted wanting to! I’ve been all in since I made my decision to carry before I even met them. They are as close to my heart as family now and it makes everything even more amazing looking back.
Recovery I’d say at this point is over but I think my uterus says otherwise. I still have a few more weeks, my stomach tells me I have a few months, and my back says years! That is one thing that I don’t think will recover at this point. My back was bad when I had my son. But I can live with it. Small price to pay for the twins that are in this world now.
I CANT WAIT to exercise! The weeks are dragging on before I can see the dr and get the ok! I’ve started some arm exercises in the meantime. I’ve GOT to do something. Even my weight has plateaued and I still have some lbs to lose. And although I’ve really started to be cautious of what I eat, that annoying craving for soda has come back to irritate me. I’ve been doing so well too!!
I’ve got more energy than I remember having in a long time which is good. It got me through the weekend! Hubby and I decided to get rid of the carpet in the family room downstairs. We all have allergies and the carpet was so dirty even though I vacuum like an OCD woman so I just wanted it gone. We found laminate wood on clearance a month or so ago so last sat we decided it was time for a little family room renovation! Hubby cut the wood as I laid it down. It was fun and pretty easy! Except on my knees and hips. Nothing like laying new flooring at 3 1/2 weeks post delivery!! We are so happy we can’t wait to redo the playroom which hubby has mentioned doing this coming weekend already!
Things are in full summertime swing at this point. My daughter loves to see pictures of the twins, and still talks about them. She can’t wait to see them again someday.
Since I spoke of our little DIY project we did, here are a few pics from the project!
Hubby working on demolition of the carpet:


A 3 1/2 week pp me in the middle of laying laminate:




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It’s hump day!

And that means I’m three weeks post partum! I feel way past three though which is a good thing. I’m back to cleaning my own house (sorry hubby but I’d rather be the one to clean), and taking the kids places, and I have energy! My scar looks pretty good too. I couldn’t help myself and peeled all the glue off ha!
I think the rug rats are enjoying my new energy level as well. Until they try to run from me when they get in trouble and realize I can now keep up with them again instead of attempting to just grab a random limb or clothing article that happens to be attached to them as they scurry away. Mom is up and running again, look out!!
My pain is gone at this point. Things are only slightly uncomfortable only when I first wake up in the morning.
Of course I still have to wait longer before I can work out and it’s starting to make me impatient! My tummy is a tad on the soft side (obviously) so it drives me nuts. In the meantime I’ve started using sulfate free body wash, aloe lotion on it, and I’m even going to try a face mask on my stomach to keep blood flow going and firm my skin. I’ve read face masks work great on your stomach! A big part between my belly button and scar is still numb so I’m hoping this helps bring feeling back sooner! Then a part above the numb area always feels like pins and needles when you touch it. I assume that will go away (I hope) and that it’s just a side effect of pregnancy.
An old friend has also come back into my life; my wine! We have had a few dinners together already, it’s as if nothing ever changed. :)
Below I posted a pic of me so far! Down 42lbs and almost pre baby weight!!


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2 weeks post partum!

What a difference another week makes! Yesterday marked the two week date since having the twins and I am lucky and fortunate enough to be feeling pretty normal. I rarely have any “ouch!” Moments at this point unless I’m getting out of bed in the morning. That seems to be the only time I feel any real discomfort. And duh, why not when I’ve been laying in bed for 8 hours without moving? Speaking of bed, can I just say how amazing it is to not need to take care of a newborn all night long? I’m guessing that might be part of the reason why I feel so good. I get to sleep at night! And I VALUE every moment of sleep.
I’ve been off all my pain meds, and have begun to indulge in my favorite relaxing pastime; having a glass or few of wine. Hey, I’ve got a battle wound, and a little alcohol helps everything heal right?!
I’m still coughing up this residual crap from the bought of fluid in my lungs (pleasant, I know), but that is almost gone as well FINALLY. that’s been my biggest setback really, just gettin over the pneumonia.
I owe a big thank you to my parents who took me and the kids up north in the mountains all last week to help me with the kids while I really tried to recover. The worst part was the pneumonia. I would probably still be really sick if not for them helping me and allowing me to rest so much.
Shoutout to my hubby as well as he is still helping even though I am doing so well. He continues to bathe the kids for me and do certain things around here since I still can’t lift anything and continue to recover. I am glad to say I have already taken back most of what I used to do and I have so much more energy. It feels great!
Now if I can just get into my skinny jeans again! I’m ALMOST there already. If I can get those bad boys on by my 6 weeks check up I’ll be satisfied!!

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Note to self

When recovering from a c section, refrain from googling and watching videos of train horn pranks. Gut splitting laughter can easily turn into gut splitting pain!!
Seriously though, what a great way to entertain oneself during the quite hours of nap times!

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Day 6 post partum

I have to say today was slightly painful upon waking up. I was up a lot last night trying to get comfy and didn’t sleep much in the process. The girls are definitely more sore today as well! At least that pain will go away in just a few short days (if I remember correctly). The best thing to have on hand in times of full sore boobs??

Yep! Nice, COLD, cabbage comes in handy. Nothing like cabbage and an abdominal binder to make your healing body feel less broken during the first week or so of recovery! Oh and it helps to have a positive attitude as well. I’ve been very proud of myself lately for how well my body has held up through all I’ve put it though. I did have a moment or two in front of the mirror earlier where I looked at my poor (shrinking but still bigger than id like) stomach and thought, this isn’t going to go down. Ugh I’m going to have to have a major tummy tuck or something! But then I remembered and calmed myself that it’s only BARELY been a week. That is one thing I am not so good at, is patience.
I’ve also had a few reminders that I need to keep it slow when doing things. I don’t know how, but every SINGLE shower I have taken, INCLUDING the ones in the hospital, I have managed to drop the stupid soap. Tonight was no different. Really?! You would think I would have a method now to keep this from happening since it’s hard to bend all the way over to pick it up!
I’ve also had a few moments on the ol’ porcelain throne where I would turn a little too quickly for the toilet paper and that burning ripping of flesh sensation comes all to quickly to put me back in my place! I’ll end up sittin there or in the shower after giving myself a good accidental dose of pain and think really Sarah? Haven’t you learned how to go slower yet? I blame all the medications I’m on.
This respiratory fluid is driving me insane. My cough is still totally gross and I can still hear the gurgling when I exhale and it gets so annoying sometimes! I only have two days of antibiotic left and I’m hoping by then it will be better.
I’ve managed to get my 2 week check up pushed forward to Monday instead of Wednesday so the doctor can check this belly button knot out that I’ve been totally grossed out and scared of. It’s most likely a hernia I assume, but I’m anxious to find out if I need it fixed, how soon, etc etc. It’s kind of sore and just barely above my belly button but when I push on it (I know don’t push on it right?) boy does it hurt! So I’ve been worrying myself over it because it’s on me and it’s slightly painful! If it were anyone else, I’d be wanting to look at it and touch it but no way not when it’s me!!

So aside from this tumor I have next to my belly button, I’d say recovery is still going smoothly! All in all, today wasn’t so bad.
And the new parents are less than a day away from arriving home with the twins which I couldn’t be happier about. I can’t wait for them to be home and settled together as a family. :)

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Let the Post partum journey begin!

See? An update already! Today is day 4 of recovery and I was finally released from the hospital!!! I have never been so happy in my life! The antibiotics and diuretics the doctor gave me last night apparently worked well enough that he sent me home with some more antibiotics. But he kind of freaked me out when he said to make sure I don’t start retaining water again or ill have to come back in.
Other then that he said I am ok to travel up into the mountains tomorrow for the week. Happy birthday to me!! By the way today is my 31st birthday! It’s a great day because I was able to recover well enough so far from delivering two beautiful babies and because I was released today and able to go home to my family that I’ve missed so much.
The not so pretty side of post partum day 4 would be that the pain is more sharp today. I’m ok when I walk and when I am sitting. But transitioning sort of hurts. A lot! This I can handle pretty well though. The one major side effect I can NOT stand has sprung upon me without warning: milk has come in. Ouch! Whether you are a breast feeding mamma or not when your milk comes in, that shit doesn’t feel good! In my case, obviously I will not be nursing, so my only option is to bind these boobs like I want to be a boy! We are talking wrapping as tightly as my lungs will allow with ace wraps until the girls have dried up. Which takes days. Luckily when I say “dried up” the girls don’t LOOK all dried up that would be sad! Haha. So walking around with ace wraps binding your chest for days is definitely not my cup of tea but I am hoping by the end of the week I’ll be back to normal up top! As for the start of the week? Up north we go! Unfortunately, hubby has to work all week, but mum is driving me and the kids up to meet and stay at the cabin with dad for the week so I have help with the kids while I recover. Not a bad way to recover especially since it will be over 110 all week down here in the valley!
Cooler weather here we come!!


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