Nothing to do with surrogacy…

I realize this blog is about my journey, but I can’t help but sometimes add odd or non related posts. Just a warning!
Last night I was making dinner and decided to have couscous with our chicken. Miss T is especially picky and hardly eats anything but plain chicken and ketchup. So I’ve had to get creative as she gets older (she is pushing the 4 year mark in Oct), and in order to get her to at least TRY some couscous, I sort of told her Tinkerbell had stopped by and given me some pixy dust for us to eat. (Is it bad to tell such a lie??). After asking me repeatedly if she did stop by and give us said pixy dust, she decided it was the coolest thing ever. In fact, she ate TWO helpings! I knew she would probably like it since it tastes a lot like rice, but also knew that she would refuse to try it since it didn’t look EXACTLY like rice.
Needless to say, the pixy dust that Tinkerbell sent us was a huge hit!
Ok one Surro related post.. Tomorrow morning is my second lining check to make sure I can start more meds woohoo!!!
Updates to follow!!


About sarah

I am 31 years old , married, with a spunky 5 year old daughter, and a cuddly almost 4 year old son. I am a stay at home mom that spends her days chasing kids and two wiener dogs around the house, playing games, learning new things, and just spending time with my family , who are my life. I am also pursuing my dream of becoming a gestational surrogate, and this blog is all about my journey.
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