So begins another two week wait.

I fly home today. Ah, I can’t wait to see my family. I’ve missed the hustle of taking care of my two little ones for five days now. I’m so used to being busy with them all day long that its weird to not have to for this amount of time now. But I pray it will all be worth it ten fold!
I’ve had a great stay out here. The weather has been unbelievable the entire trip. Just gorgeous during the day and almost cold at night. I’ve walked from the hotel down to Starbucks every morning and its been wonderful. I also got to spend the day yesterday with the IPs doing a little light sight seeing. This part of the country is breathtaking to me.
The transfer went beautifully on Saturday morning. All 15 that were initially fertilized normally were still growing strong so they had a lot to choose from. The whole thing was easy as pie.
I’ve stayed off my feet with the exception of walking a little here and there but that’s it.
Now, as per previous posts, I’ve had quite the experiences with flight delays and narrowly making my connecting flights to get home. What a strange difference today has been so far!
The flight out of NY was a piece of cake. No packed airport this time, no fuel issues, no delays. Not only that, but the plane wasn’t full so I was allowed to move to my OWN ROW!!!! No squeezing in beside someone!!! As for this next flight, I was supposed to sit in the middle seat but upon check in back in NY I was LUCKY enough to be able to quickly change my seat to a window!!! How awesome is that?!?! And so far this connecting flight is on time as well. God is surely watching over me now. As well as grandma sally. I know she has been with me this whole time.
I’ve never experienced a return flight to be so easy. I’ve a
Got a 2 1/2 hr layover so I’ve already eaten (another first on a return connecting layover) and now I can relax some more. Whew!
So tomorrow morning first thing (7:45) I’ve got bloodwork to check my hormones, then the following Tuesday (the 8th) I have my first beta draw. I’m so anxious for this one to work. And I think I might start home testing Thursday since IF REALLY wants to know before the labs. Hopefully ill start having signs and symptoms to prompt me to test? Maybe? One can only hope. And pray.
God willing, my next post will contain some fabulous news :).

About sarah

I am 31 years old , married, with a spunky 5 year old daughter, and a cuddly almost 4 year old son. I am a stay at home mom that spends her days chasing kids and two wiener dogs around the house, playing games, learning new things, and just spending time with my family , who are my life. I am also pursuing my dream of becoming a gestational surrogate, and this blog is all about my journey.
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