25 weeks and a glucose test!

This week was the ever popular glucose test at the doctor! Nothing quite like drinking extra sugary “orange” flavored “juice” that tastes like flat orange soda for breakfast! I am still waiting on results but I feel pretty confident that I’m not diabetic.
My belly measured in at 34 weeks and I’m only 25!! Haha. I wonder how much room I have left to grow? Otherwise everything is fine so far. I’ve gained a total of 25lbs at this point which freaks me out but it’s normal. I know I need more water. I was so good drinking water when I was pregnant with my son and for some reason my mouth refuses to allow water in! I’m kind of obsessed with root beer right now. I mean how can you not? It’s soooo good and has that hint of vanilla and it’s caffeine free too!! Luckily the force of this delicious bubbly beverage hasn’t completely taken over my thoughts and I still manage to get some water down. Now it’s time to get serious with it though. Dread.
The belly now, being the size of an 8 1/2 month pregnant belly, is officially getting in the way and getting pretty itchy! No stretch marks though (yet) and these babies can really move in there now! I’ve sent a few videos of them kicking like crazy to mommy and daddy. They seem pretty strong and from the check up sound healthy!
So I got this idea a few weeks ago to try waxing. Yes waxing. I’ll let everyone guess as to where. Since the belly has now hidden my view of anything south of my belly button, should I try to “landscape” I usually come out looking like I’ve been in a butcher knife fight. So I thought, why not see if I can handle a waxing? If so, I’ll just rely on that and what a life saver it will be once delivery is upon us! I read (and heard) that waxing while preggo can be kind of painful since things are more sensitive etc etc. I didn’t care. It can’t be worse then childbirth and having stitches down there right? Well I won’t go into detail during the visit, but only one spot really actually made me “oooooo” out loud and the rest was pretty easy! Verdict? I shall never shave again. I’m a total waxing fan now for sure. What’s a tiny bit of pain (which came on that one spot for a few days following the waxing itself) compared to having to constantly shave ALL THE TIME? Totally worth it. I attempted convincing my BFF to try it since she is pregnant too but I don’t think she ever will. Plus she said she has a low pain tolerance so my feeble attempt failed. Oh well! It’s been like three and half weeks and I can’t believe how long it’s lasting!
Well now it’s barely into march and it’s consistently in the 80s which means allergy season is deadly right now. I’ve got allergies so bad right now that I’m a wheezy, sneezing, itching mess. I HATE AZ. bah!
Enough of my complaining about the weather, mommy to be is coming to stay with me for the 3D ultrasound on the 31st! Only three weeks away and we are both super excited to see each other and I can’t wait for her to feel her babies kick!!



Gestation: 25 weeks
Weight: up 25lbs
Symptoms: itchy belly, itchy boobs, back aches, constipation.
Cravings: fruit of any kind, root beer, home made applesauce
Aversions: hahaha!!!


About sarah

I am 31 years old , married, with a spunky 5 year old daughter, and a cuddly almost 4 year old son. I am a stay at home mom that spends her days chasing kids and two wiener dogs around the house, playing games, learning new things, and just spending time with my family , who are my life. I am also pursuing my dream of becoming a gestational surrogate, and this blog is all about my journey.
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