Let the Post partum journey begin!

See? An update already! Today is day 4 of recovery and I was finally released from the hospital!!! I have never been so happy in my life! The antibiotics and diuretics the doctor gave me last night apparently worked well enough that he sent me home with some more antibiotics. But he kind of freaked me out when he said to make sure I don’t start retaining water again or ill have to come back in.
Other then that he said I am ok to travel up into the mountains tomorrow for the week. Happy birthday to me!! By the way today is my 31st birthday! It’s a great day because I was able to recover well enough so far from delivering two beautiful babies and because I was released today and able to go home to my family that I’ve missed so much.
The not so pretty side of post partum day 4 would be that the pain is more sharp today. I’m ok when I walk and when I am sitting. But transitioning sort of hurts. A lot! This I can handle pretty well though. The one major side effect I can NOT stand has sprung upon me without warning: milk has come in. Ouch! Whether you are a breast feeding mamma or not when your milk comes in, that shit doesn’t feel good! In my case, obviously I will not be nursing, so my only option is to bind these boobs like I want to be a boy! We are talking wrapping as tightly as my lungs will allow with ace wraps until the girls have dried up. Which takes days. Luckily when I say “dried up” the girls don’t LOOK all dried up that would be sad! Haha. So walking around with ace wraps binding your chest for days is definitely not my cup of tea but I am hoping by the end of the week I’ll be back to normal up top! As for the start of the week? Up north we go! Unfortunately, hubby has to work all week, but mum is driving me and the kids up to meet and stay at the cabin with dad for the week so I have help with the kids while I recover. Not a bad way to recover especially since it will be over 110 all week down here in the valley!
Cooler weather here we come!!



About sarah

I am 31 years old , married, with a spunky 5 year old daughter, and a cuddly almost 4 year old son. I am a stay at home mom that spends her days chasing kids and two wiener dogs around the house, playing games, learning new things, and just spending time with my family , who are my life. I am also pursuing my dream of becoming a gestational surrogate, and this blog is all about my journey.
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