7 wks post partum. Did I really deliver twins?

I have to remind myself on occasion that I did indeed deliver them 7 weeks ago. I don’t feel like I ever had a c section! My scar is tiny and doesn’t hurt. No left over pains either. I do however get a smack back into reality when I look in the mirror and see my lazy stomach muscles. Definitely gotta do something about that. I had to reschedule my check up for next week since Aunt Flo decided she was ready to make an unwelcome comeback. I will be going to the gym after I get official clearance from the doctor and I have already started some light ab exercises. I’ve also been trying the It Works wraps, but I have yet to see any actual results. The pictures I’ve seen online are deceiving so far, and therefore a little depressing. Maybe they will work more once I start my exercising as well.
As for the twins, they are just beautiful. They had a scare on the 4th of July weekend when Little prince stopped eating and couldn’t keep anything down. Turns out he needed surgery to correct the valve in his stomach. It had overgrown. It happens around the 5 week old mark on infants and is a fairly easy surgery to correct, but scary since they go downhill so fast. He did wonderfully though, and has been eating fine now. Little princess is just perfect as well. I got to chat with proud mommy on Monday, and boy does she indeed sound proud. Very tired though!! I can’t imagine how they do it with both, but they are so happy, I can tell and it just lights me up every time I see a picture, read a text, or hear her voice. I’m just so indescribably happy for them.
Now that summer is halfway over, (not the weather) I’ve had my princess in swim lessons and gymnastics to help the long weeks go by until school starts again.
We are going back up north soon, but this time hubby is coming too! We will also be making a trip to see his aunt, which we are so excited to do. It will be nice to get out of the 110 degree heat.
In the near future my focus will be on getting rid of the rest of this baby weight in the next few months, making me a happy camper!


About sarah

I am 31 years old , married, with a spunky 5 year old daughter, and a cuddly almost 4 year old son. I am a stay at home mom that spends her days chasing kids and two wiener dogs around the house, playing games, learning new things, and just spending time with my family , who are my life. I am also pursuing my dream of becoming a gestational surrogate, and this blog is all about my journey.
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One Response to 7 wks post partum. Did I really deliver twins?

  1. Susan says:

    I can imagine how happy the parents of the twins are! I am so happy for them 🙂

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